点击链接,快速帮助找到您的问题的答案. 如果你找不到你想要的, 给我们一个音符 or chat/leave a message using our live chat room (located at the bottom right of every page). 






不,必赢bwin手机app不需要付费. But did you know that there is a monetary cost to connecting volunteers to meaningful service opportunities? Some of our most committed volunteers are also our biggest individual donors. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to support volunteerism and help make 必赢bwin手机app even stronger.


有很多方法可以帮助我们做必赢bwin手机app. 你可以搜索我们的非营利合作伙伴发布的所有项目, bwin国际苹果手机版我们的项目(比如美国服务队, 发现, 团队工作!公民领导计划等...), or join us 为 one of our special events: 必赢bwin手机app Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. 全球青年服务日. 在我们这里做必赢bwin手机app是没有限制的!


这完全取决于你. Our goal is to make volunteering easy 为 everyone to fit into their busy schedules, 所以我们提供不同承诺水平的项目. You can volunteer as much or as little as you like based on your availability and interests. Click here to read more about the different volunteer options we offer.

What kind of tools and resources will I have access to as a HON volunteer?

-You can quickly and easily sign up 为 volunteer opportunities that need your time, 技能, 人才, 和热情. -Opportunity details (including directions) are emailed to you immediately once you sign up 为 a project. 你会在项目日期之前收到一封提醒邮件. -You can easily remove yourself from opportunities you are no longer able to attend. -You can view and modify your personal in为mation including contact in为mation, 技能和兴趣. -你可以很容易地查看你的必赢bwin手机app历史.

After I've created an account, how do I sign up 为 a volunteer project?

搜索机会或浏览我们的机会日历. 一旦你找到一个你想参与的项目, click on "报名" or "Express Interest" located at the bottom of the opportunity description. If you choose a 报名 opportunity, you can sign up directly 为 that project. You will receive a confirmation email with directions and any other special instructions. 如果你对这个项目有疑问, you can send an email to the Opportunity Leader listed at the bottom of the project description. 如果这是一个表达兴趣的机会, then the host organization will contact you directly with further in为mation about the volunteer opportunity. You will also receive an email with contact in为mation 为 the organization so that you can follow up with them if you do not get a response.


不! All you need to do to get started volunteering is click on the opportunity you're interested in, sign-in (or sign-up) to your 必赢bwin手机app account and then show up at the project time/date.


如果你还是找不到你要找的东西,打电话给404.979.2800或电子邮件 info@aaaacdltraining.com.



Hop over to our Nonprofit Partner page to learn how easy it is to become a partner. You'll find in为mation about the benefits of 必赢bwin手机app partnership, 见见我们所有的合作伙伴. 合作伙伴组织必须每年更新成员资格. 一旦你注册了, you will be granted access to our partner portal and will be able to post volunteer opportunities.

我刚刚成为“必赢bwin手机app”的合伙人. 我怎样才能学到更多?

You can learn more about how to best support your volunteer programs through our ongoing trainings, 其中包括社区组织的导向, 每月的圆桌讨论等等.

我如何在Hands on Atlanta网站上发布必赢bwin手机app机会?

在Hands on Atlanta网站上发布必赢bwin手机app机会, 你得先在必赢bwin手机app注册. 如果你已经是当前的合作伙伴, please go to our Volunteer page 为 more in为mation on how to post projects.

我刚刚提交了我的必赢bwin手机app机会提交. 为什么网站上还没有显示?

我们有工作人员和受过培训的必赢bwin手机app审批项目. You will receive an e-mail notice once the project has been approved and posted. If it has not shown up on the website within three business days, please contact us.


The 必赢bwin手机app portal site functions as a search engine 为 volunteer opportunities. Volunteers can search 为 opportunities based on location, interest and 技能. 当必赢bwin手机app对某个项目表示兴趣时, both the project contact and the volunteer will receive each other's contact in为mation. We highly recommend that the organization's staff contact the volunteer within 3-5 business days. 必赢bwin手机app also tracks volunteer feedback to ensure that the process works smoothly.

I have received a notice that my organization's project(s) are expiring. 我该怎么办?

电子邮件将包括更新你的机会的提示. 然而, you will also receive this notice about projects when your organization's partnership is expiring.




How much time does it take to plan a volunteer project 为 a corporate group?

We typically like a month lead time to plan the best volunteer experience 为 your corporation or group. 收集一个很棒的项目是需要时间的, 购买物资,和你商量好所有的细节. 话虽如此,我们在几天前就计划好了项目. So, feel free to give us a buzz and we will do our best to accommodate your group!


不. 我们与大大小小的公司合作. 从3名员工增加到1000名以上!


At 必赢bwin手机app, we try to think outside of the box when it comes to custom corporate projects. 我们为团体提供典型的套件建造或装配线项目. We also are willing to brainstorm and come up with something specific 为 large gro联合包裹 (as well as small), 取决于预算.


是的. 肯定可以! We are willing to be flexible in the time of day in order to accommodate our corporate partner’ schedules.


和生活中大多数美好的事情一样,志愿服务不是免费的. 尤其是当涉及到一群人的时候. 我们希望你和你的家人有一个很棒的体验, 这需要时间, 能源, 以及(最重要的)使我们的必赢bwin手机app项目得以实现的物资. Think of us as the event planner to make all of your volunteer event dreams come true! 我们愿意也能够与您和您的团队一起梦想, 但, 这通常意味着增加预算.


是的, 当你和我们的团队一起工作时, 我们很高兴增加一个预算项目,包括餐饮, 饮料, 或者只是零食和水.

Do you have a specific list of impact projects to focus on certain issue areas?

如果你的公司专注于一个特定的问题领域(i.e. 儿童必赢bwin手机app、bwin国际苹果手机版等.), we are happy to recommend projects or build custom projects that fit within your areas of focus.

我们要参加必赢bwin手机app日吗, 马丁·路德·金服务日, 或者主持一个定制的公司项目?

完全取决于你! Give us a call and we can share more in为mation about our events compared to our custom corporate projects. With our events, we have more opportunities 为 media and marketing exposure. 与我们的定制公司项目, we have more flexibility in planning a unique experience 为 you and your team.